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You can depend on Gainesville Sewer-Septic for expert Gainesville sump pump repairs.  A sump pump and ejector pump help keep basements and below ground areas dry by forcing water out of the area. Depending on how your sewer line was installed, or the type of home you may have, you many need a sump or ejector pump. The professionals at Gainesville Sewer-Septic have specialized training in sump and ejector pumps.

Rainwater, standing ground water, and drains located below ground level can increase the risk of flooding in your basement. Basement flooding is a serious problem for homeowners, as it increases the risk of mold and mildew damage (potentially leading to respiratory and other health problems), can damage the foundation of the home, and may lead to wood rot. Installing a sump pump system can help keep your basement free from flood damage. The experts at Gainesville Sewer-Septic have the experience needed to install your sump pump to help keep your basement dry.

A sump pump works by a float switch. When water reaches a certain level, the switch is activated, and water is pumped out. Your basement stays dry because a small well is dug below the level of the basement, the sump pump (which is fully submersible) is placed in the well, and water first accumulates in the well. When the switch is activated, meaning water has reached a certain level, the water is pumped out of your created well, and no water then enters your basement. No safety concerns arise as the area is fully covered after installation.

Sometimes sump pumps malfunction. This may be an issue related to the float switch, or could be debris clogging the pump itself. If you have had a successful sump pump system in place for years, that is no longer functioning, you need to have experts evaluate the problem and correct it before serious structural damage occurs to your home.

If you have a wet basement, don’t delay…call Gainesville Sewer-Septic for a complete analysis and sump pump installation or repair today!

Ejector Pump Service Oakwood GA

Call Gainesville Sewer-Septic for ejector pump service in Oakwood GA.  Drains usually rely on gravity to allow for passage of the wastewater. When a shower, toilet, or other drain system is installed below ground level, a pump is needed to help ‘force’ the wastewater along the appropriate path, so that drainage occurs. This is most commonly seen if you have installed a bathroom or sink below ground level.

Ejector pumps are the solution to this problem. An ejector pump works by forcing the wastewater or sewage along the pipe system to allow for appropriate drainage to occur. This force is applied until gravity can take over. Ejector pumps also help prevent septic and sewage clogs by diverting the waste in an appropriate fashion.

Gainesville Sewer-Septic has specialized training in installation and repair of ejector pumps. If you have a below ground drain, and have noticed slowing of the drain, or frequent drain line clogs, you should have an evaluation for an ejector pump. If you are considering a below ground expansion that includes a drainage system, be sure to fully evaluate the area for an ejector pump before proceeding with construction.

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The experts at Gainesville Sewer-Septic are your one stop shop for your entire sump and ejector pump needs. They will guide from evaluation to installation, guaranteeing the work and your satisfaction. Call or contact our Gainesville Sump Pumps Repair Service today for a free analysis and estimate.

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