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Let an expert handle all your septic tank pumping needs in Gainesville GA.  Determining when your septic tank needs to be pumped out involves three major factors. At Gainesville Sewer-Septic, we will thoroughly inspect and determine the appropriate pump out cycle based on your needs and the size of your tank. Regular pumping of the septic tank can help avoid embarrassing problems, such as clogged lines, and back up in toilet bowls, resulting in other septic tank services.

Factors that influence the pump out schedule include the size of the tank itself. A smaller tank, or if more people are now living in the home than originally intended, may require more frequent pumping than a larger sized septic tank. The number of people living in your home also determines the amount of wastewater flowing through the septic tank. The more people, the more wastewater produced. The final factor is the amount of solids in the wastewater. A garbage disposal, for example, greatly increases the amount of solids in the wastewater, requiring more frequent pumping of the septic tank. Excessively soiled clothing will also add solids to the wastewater in a higher quantity. Generally speaking, a septic tank will need to be pumped every two to five years, depending on size. At Gainesville Sewer-Septic, our technicians will fully inspect your septic tank to determine an appropriate pump out schedule, and perform the service in a timely, efficient manner.

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You can count on Gainesville Sewer-Septic for septic pumping services in Oakwood and the Gainesville area and to properly service your septic tank.Your septic tank works through a digestive process. Putting commercial additives in the septic tank can cause damage to the absorption fields. Do not be fooled by the advertisements of these products, as they can cause more harm than good. Also, do not allow a company to ‘disinfect’ your septic tank after pump outs. This is unnecessary and can also damage the absorption fields. The professionals at Gainesville Sewer-Septic will never ask you to ‘add’ on services that are unnecessary or potentially harmful. 

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At Gainesville Sewer-Septic, our technicians are specially trained to complete the pump out in the most efficient manner possible. This requires using the manhole for pumping, and the inspection ports for visualization. We will never use the inspection ports for pumping, as this can cause severe damage to the tank itself, resulting in an expensive repair.

You can trust the service professionals of Gainesville Sewer-Septic to complete this job professionally and with minimal disruption to you. Call or contact our Gainesville Septic Tank Pumping Service for all your septic tank needs.

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